What Can You Do Our Best? Essay

1188 Words Feb 24th, 2016 5 Pages
Growing up, we do our best to be like those we spend most of our time around. Whether it be your grandma that always knows just how to spoil you right or the constant check up on Kylie Jenner’s most recent tweet updates; there’s always someone out there we aspire to be like or that we try to one up. Well, no matter who it might be, or what goals people set for themselves, the journey we create to get there is the life we solely choose to live. Some people choose to idolize and excessively focus on the bigger picture and are happy only when they’ve maxed out each checkpoint to reach their goal. While others are content with the comfort of knowing that they have a place to be and one day they’ll get there, but, for now, they can just back away and watch paint dry or leave a picture halfway drawn to finish at some point in the future. Some people choose to live their lives believing that only by having set high expectations for everything they try is how to enter the perfect world of happiness while others believe that stressing over all the insignificant specks is unnecessary if appreciation for the smaller aspects of life are lost along the path to a happy life.
If we were to take a moment to think about life, what comes to mind? Surely, an obscure tornado of little random fragments in each of our lives. While we all think differently, picking up separate bits and pieces to build our own path, we can all similarly relate to this idea that happiness is something most of us…

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