What Can You Do Lemons? Essay examples

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Lemons have always been known to be in lemonade. If you add the right amount of sugar it tastes sweet and is bearable. In its purest form, however, lemon is bitter and makes your tongue burn. The acidity makes you wish you never had put it in your mouth. This sentiment is shard by many people thus, they add sugar and other elements to make it tolerable.
The unbearable taste of lemon can be attributed to its PH level; two. This is the part where I reveal who I am and how I came to o be. My PH level will never be greater than five and will never reach seven. PH level seven would indicate that I’m tolerant of many things and many people. Quite frankly, that is unbearably dull, PH level two means so much more. It means that I do not play well with other and refuse to be calmed. Only certain substances can calm my acidity levels and even then the results maybe disastrous for the other PH level.
Buffers in chemistry are made in order to ensure that the pH is not affected if it is introduced to another base or acid. Buffers in the real world are the friends that keep my acidity in check. When I am introduced to someone my buffers must be there to ensure that no one gets hurts. Like lemon, when by myself, the first taste is sour and bitter. Then you add sugar, my friend who is very much a eight, and I am much more approachable.
Unfortunately, because of my mean bite at first glance, I do not work well with others and others do not work well with me. If the situations calls I can…

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