What Can We Need For The Elderly? Essay examples

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Does everyone plan to age? Whether we want to age or not, it is inevitable for all of us. Americans do not view aging with respect or reverence. Other cultures have different attitudes and practices around aging and death, and their positive perspectives on aging create different living environments for the elderly that live there . While many cultures celebrate the aging process and revere their elders, Americans only focus on youthfulness and anti aging. In fact, most of our elderly are removed from their homes and relegated to hospitals and nursing homes. To become old becomes a shameful experience. More than 3.2 million elderly adults live in nursing homes in America. Most elderly adults do not live more than six months once they are placed there. There is proof that they are often abused while living in these facilities. What can we do to help our elderly that have been placed in nursing homes? Ultimately, we are all responsible for the elderly in nursing homes, we must support them, and we must make others aware of this issue.
Most Eastern cultures revere their elderly and acknowledge the contribution they have made to society. Our society does not see helping these senior adults as worthwhile, despite the fact that they have fought in wars to preserve our freedom and are responsible for the innovative and advanced country we live in. Dr. Barbara Clive, a Geriatric Medicine Specialist, concedes that our societal values are also reflected in the way we pay our…

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