What Can We Grant? Essay

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Lyzander shook his head. “I’ve checked all his favorite places, but he’s nowhere to be found.” He pulled his dagger from its sheath and twirled it between his fingers. “I trust you to put your best hunter on it.”
Tegan gave a curt nod. “I’ll summon Eli as soon as I meet with the Seven.”
“Thank you.” Lyzander spread his black wings and shot into the sky. Tegan straightened and decided to walk to the Hall of Fate.
“Tegan, we are happy to see you,” Ambriel gave him a smile. “What brings you here today? Have you any new information on the fallen?”
He stood before the Seven, wings folded and hands tucked behind his back. “Unfortunately, we still don’t have answers, but we’re working hard. I’m here to request a favor.”
“What can we grant you, Tegan?” asked the redhead.
“I want to mate Ana.” Seven women stared at him and several seconds ticked by before anyone commented.
“Tegan, you realize that mating a human is not something we encourage,” Ambriel stated.
He stood his ground. “I know you have the ability to give her the mark so we can be together.”
“While this is true, we all have to be in agreement for that to happen,” announced a brunette, three seats down.
“Then you all need to agree.”
Several brows raised. “And if we don’t?”
“Then I’ll become mortal and marry her anyway.”
“Blackmail is beneath you,” the redhead stated.
Tegan lifted his shoulders in a shrug. “Don’t care. I love her, and unless you give me a damn good reason then I intend to follow my heart.”
“I can give you…

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