What Can Unite A Mix Pot Country Populated With Individuals Each With Their Own Views

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What can unite a mix-pot country populated with individuals each with their own opinionated, patriotic views? A common enemy. Events like 9/11 and the terrorist group ISIS seem to have made Muslims America’s public enemy number one. Clearly, these horrific acts and heinous people do not mean that every single Muslim person in existence is a terrorist, plotting to kill all Americans. The fact that this is a common misconception among educated adults is ridiculous. Not every Muslim man is a rapist in disguise, bursting with fiery hatred for all things American. Not every Muslim woman is a delicate servant who feels she deserves to be objectified and doesn’t consider herself equal to a man. Does this mean that they are all exceptional people? Not at all. There are bad people of every religion, gender, race and ethnicity; this is just a matter of racism and stereotypes. At this point, speaking openly about Muslim people, their culture, and religion makes many Americans uncomfortable. My parents work full time, and I am one of four children, Afaf is the glue that holds our family together. Afaf Sadek is our nanny, she was born in Egypt and is Muslim. When she was younger, she did not act as a traditional Muslim; she started wearing a Hijab and dressing conservatively ten years ago. Since she has started covering and “looking” like a Muslim, there has been a severe change in the way people treat her. Afaf is like a second grandmother to me, and it is painful to see they way people…

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