Essay on What Can Make Or Lose The Company Money?

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Marketing is a large part in a company, it is what can make or lose the company money. Everyone wants to believe companies are telling the truth, especially with rules and regulations being held over companies to make sure we get the proper information we need. Even though people are watching and checking companies information on products and how they market to the public, some can get away with deceiving and scamming to make us want to buy their product.
In 2010 Kellogg’s cereal made claims that their Mini Wheats made any person who ate them smarter due to the natural ingredients in the cereal. This was proven to be false, when tested by scientist. Within the same year, Kellogg 's also claimed that their Rice Krispy cereal, “now helps support your child 's immunity, 25 percent Daily Value of Antioxidants and Nutrients - Vitamins A, B, C, and E." (Snap, crackle, stop) This did boost their sales as many parents take the health of their children, seriously. People believe and trust this brand so much they allow their most prized possession, their children, to eat this brand trusting it is good for them and will help them grow. Their first marketing scandal, Kellogg was sued $4 million and anyone could go to from January 28, 2009 to October 1, 2009 and submit a claim for a refund. (Press) Unfortunately, that $4 million wasn’t enough money to teach Kellogg not to use health plods to sell their product. After their second “health claiming” with rice…

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