What Can I Do For You? Essay

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When Mr. Cassidy entered his house, he made a drink, sat down on the worn sofa and rested his head on the stained pillows.
While relaxing, he reminisced about the few people in town who talked to him, recalling the first time he met Dr. Don Kelley at the veterinary hospital. He’d picked up an injured dog while collecting cans and bottles and was waiting for Dr. Kelley. All of a sudden, a middle-aged man limped down the hallway wearing a white jacket, dark pants and a stethoscope around his neck. Laughing hysterically, Mr. Cassidy slapped the sides of his legs.
Stopping and looked at him before Dr. Kelley asked, “What is wrong with you? Why are you laughing?”
“I hope you’re not Dr. Kelley because you look like a penguin.”
Looking at the injured dog lying in his lap, he said, “I am Dr. Kelley and not a penguin. What can I do for you?”
“This is the animal we talked about. Do you think you can help him?”
Dr. Kelly gently picked up the injured dog. “I’ll take a look at him,” he said and lovingly patted the dog’s back.
Standing up Mr. Cassidy said, “Thank you, Dr. Kelley, I’ll come by and see you at the end of the week, or would you want me to come sooner?”
“First of all, let’s get the name correct, I am a doctor, but to someone like you concerned about helping injured animals enough to ask for my help. Never call me Dr. Kelley again. The name is Don, and the others can call me Dr. Kelley. Is that clear?” Sounding tough, he asked as he smiled, and Mr. Cassidy relaxed.
“It’s a…

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