What Can Happen If The Framework You Choose As A Foundation? Essay

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Team 3:
Vadde Aditya, Bishal Bk, Fang Fang, Suraj Karki, Varshini Paladugu, Raghuveerreddy Suram
Week 7 Group Assignment
• Discuss what can happen if the framework you choose as a foundation does not fit your organization’s business objectives.
If the framework the organization choose as a foundation does not fit the business objectives, it may face several problems as following.
1. Wasting money, time, effort and resource. If the organization security policy framework does not align with their objectives, the employees may try to find something else to help their security control, not using the current framework. Consequences when the framework doesn’t meet the requirements of organizational needs are they generally invest some money to create the framework if it doesn’t fits the cost of frame work is waste of money, time, effort and resources.
2. Reducing work efficiency and increasing potential security risks. Due to unfit framework the efficiency of company is reduced until the next frame is designed. Relatively it increases the potential hackers’ abilities to hack the company information.
3. Even though business executives do their best to put everything together to align the framework with the business objectives, it doesn’t work all the time. Individual working in an organization have different perspective with a different cultural background. It’s a CIO’s nightmare and they spend so much time trying to figure out the alignment between business and IT. The…

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