What Barriers Or Hindrances Do Your Environment That Prevents You From Full Access?

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Q. What barriers or hindrances do you see in your environment that prevents you from full access?
A. My interviewee thinks that society has become more aware of the disease itself and barriers or problems are becoming easier to overcome. However, Bob feels a little limited when he sees his friends doing things socially that he cannot participate in. He used to have a very active social lifestyle which has had to be markedly cut back because of the illness.
Q. Do you receive support from an agency, organization, or group that you can say has benefited you in any way?
A. In the beginning, Bob received much support from an endocrine specialists’ center. They provided medical support and dietary guidance. Diabetics must monitor themselves very closely and remain in tuned with their body. In his opinion, the best support is to learn your own signs and adhere to a fitting daily regimen.
Q. Could you think of any positive aspects of diabetes and strengths you gained from having it?
A. Diabetes in Bob’s life has also a positive aspect. For a long time, he was unaware that he was a diabetic. He had severe stomach difficulties such as metabolizing food and having a constant bloated feeling. When he was finally diagnosed with this disease and placed on metformin, a type 2 diabetic drug, his stomach problems resolved almost immediately. Moreover, he became much more aware of his state of health. He lost weight and started paying much more attention to his…

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