Essay about What Area Of Sports Management Would Be A Head Coach

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What area of sports management would I like to pursue? When asked this question there are many different things that come to my mind involving sports, such as coaching basketball in a setting where I would be the head coach or the training coach. Although these two options may appear to differ significantly, they are very similar and could make for an easy transition at any time. Becoming a head coach is not an easy job to obtain. There are steps you can take to get to your elite dream job and I am willing to do whatever it takes. In this paper I will discuss each step that I have researched and will also mention the different coaches I have interviewed for an outlook on all the steps they have taken to become a coach.
There are five specific steps that will get you on the path to becoming a head coach. First would be your playing experience, being able to understand the game you are playing. Second would be becoming a graduate assistant, that is just working under the coaches while doing two years of school to get your degree. After your two years of being a G.A., getting your degree you move up to the administration role, recording games dealing with analytics and that sort of stuff. Third step would be the assistant role this is when having knowledge and skill for the game come into play. Fourth step would be becoming the second man in charge behind the head coach, being an assistant head coach. This is when you start to coach more than you do other things. Last step is…

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