Essay about What Are Your Goals For The Future?

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I came up with one of the first 12 questions which probably now to my memory was “What are your goals for the future?”. I voiced my concerns over asking her if she was married or have children because she might have gone through a bad divorce thus had her children taken away from her. Plus, I also told them with that I feel like that is not what you want to ask someone you don’t know never met. I also had the question of “Are you from Florida” changed to “Are you originally from Florida” because I have people asking me “where I am from” based on my skin color which is racist and when you put “originally” it sounds as if you are not meaning it from the standpoint of racism.

When we first went to interview Miss Diaz, I asked her two questions and wrote down what she said. For the second interview I came up with the question, “Do you like sports and if so what is your favorite sport & team?” During the second interview, I asked her eight to nine questions and wrote down what she said. Specifically, what questions I asked her, I don’t recall. I did her work at CF and family portion of the working outline. My group and I had a practice run which we all participated.

Antonia Yerke

Antonia Yerke should get all the 75 points because she came up with many of the questions for the first interview off the symposium instructions you provided us. She participated in both the interviews, asked questions, and wrote down Miss Diaz’s response. During the first interview, when I missed…

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