Essay on What Are You See And Learn On Your Placement?

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1) What are you expecting to see and learn on your placement?
My experiences in Ceduna form some of my preconceptions of rural teaching, prior to my placement at Port Augusta Secondary School (PASS). I recognise that the stereotypes held by many about Port Augusta as a low socio-economic regional town has influenced my expectations. I am also aware of the higher rates of poverty, unemployment, and indigenous population in the Far North of South Australia (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2010). As a result, I believe I will frequently encounter students with behavioural or familial issues. However, this will provide an opportunity to observe how behavioural management strategies are utilised by these teachers. There may be a greater proportion of specialised teachers, including those trained as counsellors and Aboriginal education officers.

Conversely, I assume that the school will have a heavy vocational focus, at the expense of traditional academic pathways. Therefore, I do not expect to learn anything substantial about gifted education or the delivery of high-level content. Overall, I imagine that the lifestyle and attitudes between rural and metropolitan teachers will differ greatly. My experiences indicate that metropolitan teachers show greater professionalism and content knowledge, whereas they lack the ability to develop positive working relationships with their students and the community in comparison to rural educators.

2) What does the classroom and workplace…

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