Essay about What Are You Passionate About?

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What Are You Passionate About? The phrase when I was in school has been around forever. Parents say it all the time and now even high schoolers can say it. In just a few short years the American school system has drastically changed. High school students talk about their wonderful elementary school days with younger students only to find out nothing is the same. The focus of the American school system is no longer learning can be fun but has turned to vigorous testing and trying a new approach in learning. Although this approach may be beneficial to teachers, parents, and the government it is hurting the ones they are trying to help. Students of all ages have lost their interest in learning and have lost their passion for new discoveries.
Schools are a perfect place for socialization. Often times students learn the most from the people around them. Although students cannot learn everything they need to know stuck in a classroom. Schools claim they are preparing their students for the real world but try so hard to keep them inside the classroom. Traveling helps students socialize and meet new people. “Proper socialization happens in the real world, and we all know it”( Miller). They learn how to interact with all different kinds of people and not the same ones every day. Traveling also builds a student’s independence, networking, and bilingualism (Rodriguez). Traveling also shows students why they are taught certain subjects. From speaking Spanish in Spain or being able to…

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