What Are You Most Proud Of And Why? Essay

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What are you most proud of and why?
My education… because mastering it has been a huge challenge for me!
Due in large part to my own willful blindness, my education got off to a pretty bad start. The progenitor was the breakdown of my original family when I was very young and it made me very insecure and angry… and my education was the first target of my insecurities and hatred. Far from being a trouble maker at school, I was a recluse, I would ignore what I was being taught and dissapear into my imagination. Throughout the first eight years of my schooling life I fell severely behind and was consistently labelled as an under-achiever.
However, it was not all bad, because while my knowledge of History, English literature and Chemistry suffered, my imagination and creative thinking flourished! As did my critical thinking skills, because when you spend so much time stubbornly ignoring the education system you never asked to be placed into, you do start to question its validity, where it is going wrong and how it can be Improved.
But the development of my creative and critical thinking skills did not change the fact that I was an idiot for burying my head in the sand for so long! What did change my attitude WAS my inner idiot, because he was getting pretty sick of being treated like an idiot.
Finally, it was when I started to teach myself to read properly at the age of 13, that I started to gradually turn everything around and dicovered my passion for education, learning and…

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