Going To College

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Growing up in a constantly changing generation, a common question is always asked among the youth and that is “What are you going to study in college”. It is ironic, because the question is “What are you going to study in college” rather than “Do you know if you plan on attending college” or even “Have you thought about what you want to do after high school”. The idea that college is the key to more opportunities and success is nailed into the minds of young children and teens all the time, wether it is at school or home. It has come to the point where youth, including me have already said “Yes I am going to college” without even thinking if going to college will actually benefit me and help me be successful in life. In the articles I had …show more content…
While on the other hand Matthews focuses more on life without a degree. Even though one has a college degree, that does not mean they will get a job that pays them more than someone else. “bottom quarter of earners with a college degree don’t make more money than the average high school graduate” (Matthews, 1). For an example, the career field I want to go in which is law enforcement, specifically police work does not require a college degree. Therefore even if I did have college degree I would be making the same as someone that does not have one. The only difference is that I would have a student debt. When it boils down to a career like that, college can actually hurt someone financially. “, many more workers today would have been better off not going to college at all.” (Matthews, 2). If a person can find a job that does not require a college degree and pays well, then they may be wasting their money on a degree that they will not benefit from because they will not have any use for it. This concludes that an individual that did not go to college can be as successful or even more successful than a person that did earn a degree in college. From my own life experiences this can be seen through my own parents, whom possibly make around the same amount as

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