Essay What Are You Doing?

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April, a quiet girl who mainly keeps to herself, was walking to class at Tulsa High School in Oklahoma. As she was walking April noticed Megan and the Populars standing in her way. "Hey April," Megan says. "What are you doing?" April already didn 't like the confrontation and was looking for the quickest and easiest way to escape the girls, "Uh nothing. I 'm heading to class. I have a big test so I better hurry that way I can get in some extra studying." Megan responds, "Well, on your way to class try not to get HIV from the new kid. He left his old school because people started to find out about him being HIV-positive. Have a nice day, April," she says with a smirk. April moves on to class thankful that she wasn 't the group 's main target for once. As April sat down at a desk in her class, which just happened to be Spanish, she remembered what Megan had told her earlier. But those thoughts quickly escaped her mind when the bell rang to begin class. Everyone in the room was talking about the new Tulsa High rumor. After Spanish, April went to lunch. The cafeteria was filled with classmates hurrying to get their lunch while obviously talking about the latest rumor. As April received her lunch, she made her way to her usual table with some of her friends. She was strolling past Megan 's table when she overheard part of the conversation, "He is definitely the one that 's HIV-positive. I saw him wandering in the hall. I know that 's him." April wonders what the…

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