What Are You Doing Down Here Carl? Essay

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“Mom...Dad?” Carl said, in a scratchy uneasy voice.
“What are you doing down here Carl?” Susan said, stunned, her eyes were huge and she was frozen in disbelief. How could he possibly be down here right now, she thought.
“Frank told me that if I didn’t walk down to the living room by the glistening tree that the grinch would take you and dad away for Christmas,” Carl replied, alligator tears now streaming down his face.
“Who’s Frank, Carl?” Tom asked, turning his head a little to the side listening intently for an answer.
“My miniature friend that lives in our fridge,” Said Carl, still peeking his head over the edge of the wall.
Outside that day, the snow was floating down, landing on every little place it could get itself to stick too. As you drove down the street, you could see colorful lights hanging outside on the bushes of people 's houses, but if you looked even closer, you could see the brightly lit tree through the front window of these houses. The lights were particularly pretty on this day because the snow cover the tiniest bit of them so the glowed through the snow. The way they had their tree lit said a lot about the people who lived in the houses. If their tree was multicolored, pink, orange, yellow, blue, green and red, all mixed together, then that family was probably a less traditional family but loved the meaning of Christmas. On the other hand, the families who have their trees lit in white lights are more focused on the real meaning of Christmas, the…

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