What Are You Do You Think You 'll Gain From The Trip? Essay

1252 Words Oct 5th, 2015 6 Pages
Describe your interest in Colombia. What are your reasons for wanting to participate in the summer program? What do you think you 'll gain from the trip? Anyone can agree that over the past couple decades Colombia has had a long and difficult journey to stand where is it today. But my interest is more refined than that, and two fold. Firstly I am interested in understanding more about Colombia’s recovery both culturally and economically. I find the way in which the government is endorsing startups and entrepreneurship fascinating. One can learn a lot from reading online and studying Colombia in the US, but there are some things cannot replicated in a classroom environment. I love learning and I have grown up with a certain type of learning but I crave a more hands on type environment. By traveling to Colombia I would hope to gain a deeper understanding of how individuals are impacted by their changing culture. I would like to be able to understand how Colombia’s culture and economy recovered from its depression, but also how a diverse group of people were able to come together. Second, I want to expand my perspective. I have always been a compassionate person. Since the time I was two I always cared how other people felt, how they interacted with one another. I am in ninth grade I was looking for an opportunity that would not only be in a fascinating place; but one that would help me explore myself and give me more perspective. I have been blessed with all I have been…

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