What Are Wildlife Conservation? Essay

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With the United States debt being -$15 trillion, and world currently witnessing its 6th Mass Extinction it is imperative that citizens of the United States take a stance to correct the issue; One of the best and most effective is Wildlife Conservation. What is Wildlife Conservation? Wildlife refers to living organisms plants, animals, and microorganisms not including the cultivated plants and domesticated animals. Conservation means preservation, protection and scientific utilization of natural resources so that they remain suitable for all organisms including humans. Wildlife conservation is one of the most essential practices in the world today because it helps maintain ecological balance for supporting life, reserves different kinds of species allowing for biodiversity, and preserves economically important plants and animals.

Plants and animals are extremely important in the lives of people throughout the world. People depend upon plants and animals to satisfy basic human needs like food, clothing, and shelter. These needs are growing rapidly due to a growing world population, increasing incomes, and urbanization (deforestation, pollution, and depletion of natural resources). There are many different ways we can fix these issues. The first and one of the hardest is protecting the water. Currently extensive usage of agricultural fertilizers has sped up the growth of algae in streams and lakes which create an obstacle to the way of sunlight and oxygen. The final result…

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