What Are We Teaching Young Girls About Life? Essay

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What Are We Teaching Young Girls About Life?
As a woman in society I have always had a hard time dealing with my body image and the pressures to fit in. There are so many burdens within society for women to fit a certain criteria to be accepted. The media has a lot to do with the way women perceive the way they "should" look and act. Friends and family are another source from which this perfect image stems from. It's not healthy for young girls and women to be stick thin and starving themselves just to go along with societal norms and look like everyone else. Women need to learn that it's okay to have they're own look and not be "perfect" because it's impossible and they'll die trying. Instead of worrying about what we look like in the
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That's just not a good image for young girls looking up to them to aspire to. But, the girls in high school see all of these women in the magazines leading fabulous (yet unrealistic lifestyles) and want to be just like them. So, they buy all of the clothes, make-up, get their hair done and either starve themselves or workout like crazy to live up to an image that's so unrealistic in everyday life.
Instead of celebrities being these ultra thin, sexed up Barbie dolls, maybe they could try to take a new approach. Try to encourage each other and younger women to find their own personal style. That way they'll be doing things in life for themselves instead of trying to be like someone else and live up to their own standards. Then, they can decide what type of clothing is best for them, if they like wearing makeup or not, and whether they even care if they're skinny or not. Life should be about finding yourself, being happy and having fun. Not finding what you like in other people and trying to incorporate those things into your life to make it work for you.
I've seen on the Tyra Show that she's trying to get girls all over the world to embrace their bodies. So many people have criticized Tyra for gaining weight and she doesn't want that to happen to other women and young girls. So, she's trying to show them that it's okay to be overweight, as long as you're okay with it and you're

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