Spiny Lobster Fishery: A Case Study

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Nationally are observed the typical stages of fishery maturity and decline, reaching today a phase of relative stability from 2006 to the last years (Figure 1). The annual average catch was 4,535 t during 2011-2015, for 32% of the maximum of 14,091 t in 1985. In addition, the estimated annual illegal catch average was 1,021 t for the last 5 years, which represents 18.4 % of the total catch (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Annual official (solid line) and total (dotted line) and total catch in the Cuban spiny lobster fishery.
The log-likelihood resulting from the fitting of the environmental models show a best fitting for the model with the total values for catch and effort (Table 2). Because it provided lower values for the components (mainly for catch
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Equilibrium curves of catch in weight (Y) as function of fishing mortality rate (F) for three levels of environmental conditions for the spiny lobster fishery in Cuba. A) Official model. B) Total model.
Adaptive governance to new situations in order to ensure the sustainability of this activity over the time is carrying out. Some measures aimed to prevent fishing collapse, such as, recognition of geographical space as a basic element, development and improvement fisheries have a favorable effect on preventing the gradual decrease in abundance of this resource. Improve fishery assessments holistically considering all socio-economic indicators in what the tourism is key it necessary to ensuring a more realistic estimate of the resource.
Based on the hierarchical structure of biotic, abiotic and socioeconomic indicators in the coastal zone it is possible to assess the current state of governance.t With the inclusion of illegal fishing this will be the appropriate platform for the development of policies and strategies for the exploitation of the spiny lobster, and in general for any fishery resource and constitutes a valid instrument for the Control of administrative efficiency and monitoring Implemented of public

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