What Are The Three Main Factors That Contribute To Islamophobia?

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Muslims in America, many of whom are natural born citizens, often feel as if they are unwelcomed secondary citizens to this “land of freedom,” that they don’t belong among fellow Americans. The lack of education and knowledge surrounding the Muslim culture Islamic religion allow Americans to make false claims regarding the inevitable "acts of terrorism" committed by these groups. The negative rhetoric (often perpetuated by biases in media) does not take into consideration the values of peace, love tolerance and acceptance. People who practice the Islamic faith consist of twenty-three percent of the world 's population. To ascribe the atrocious deeds of a select group of sick and misguided individuals to an entire population of Muslims is both …show more content…
Islamophobia has become a coined term within our western society. It is one that perpetuates negative Islamic sentiments, prejudices towards people of middle eastern decent, and a sense of growing animosity towards Muslim Americans—regardless of citizenship, whether natural born or naturalized in the United States. Osman Bakar , in his article, Post -9/11 Islamophobia And The Future Of American Islam, identifies three main factors that contribute to Islamophobia in the United States: “1] the persisting phenomenon of terrorism committed by some Muslim individuals or fringe groups in the name of Islam; [2] the persisting anti-Islamic sentiments and phobia displayed by the preachers of hate including Christian extremists; [3] the negative portrayals of Islam and quite often the anti-Islam and anti-Muslim outbursts by popular talk show hosts and political commentators in both TV and radio channels.” These sentiments behave as kindling towards the shaping of Islamophobia within the American Imagination. Islamophobia goes beyond the mere rhetoric of American ignorance regarding the perception of

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