What Are The Struggles Of An Immigrant Essay

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Struggles of an Immigrant Life is never easy for an immigrant for the first few years when they move to a different, unknown country far away from the place where they were born. Growing up as an immigrant child, I have overcome a lot of things when I moved into U.S. Back in Bangladesh, life was more about having that support from parents and sister on each step of my life. Since I moved here, my life changed like a human being walking upside down. Moving here was a big change for me and my parents after staying in my country for almost 11 years. It was hard for me because I had all the pleasurable memories with my friends and families that we had together. As I moved here, I had to start my life over again with new surroundings and new …show more content…
It was different because there were other kids whom I didn’t even know, I was the lonely kid in the side corner of a bus. After I entered into my first period class, the teacher introduced me to the class. Everything was going perfect with the teacher and studies until I started meeting up with some kids who were asking my name and where I’m from and then started making fun of me. After I came home I cried, my mom pacified me and asked me to have patience, stay strong and be nice to them. I still remember the sentence she narrated to me which, ‘Don’t worry son, people who have patience ends up having the best results.’ I did not believe her at that time, but no one is ever aware of their future. My life started changing after the first school week. I made some new friends who helped me with everything I needed to get started except the kids who were bullying me kept making fun of me, but patience bears sweet fruit. As time went they also started becoming friends of mine and we had a great time until I had that day we had to move back again in Bangladesh for my parents not getting a …show more content…
So this time my dad finally got a job and we moved into our new apartment, and took admission in Lowell High School as a freshman. During this 4 years of Lowell High School, I went through a lot of experiences, like taking MCAS and the SAT which I didn’t have any idea about. But it came out to be really good. I started working in McDonalds when I was 17 years old, seeing my parents working hard for me as they didn’t work that hard back in my country. It’s just because of not having a degree from here for what my parents had to work odd jobs to support everything we need to stay alive. Seeing my parent working that hard for my future, sacrificing everything they had settled back in the country, it gave me courage of

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