What Are The Reasons For College Athletes

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College athletics is great for many reasons. Not only does is it give young men and women the opportunity to play the sport they love, it markets colleges and universities very well. Some athlete’s ways of getting out of struggles back home is through their sport, and for most sports, before they step on a professional field, they have to play in college first. Although college athletics have many good aspects about it, there also negative features that highlight college athletics. In recent years, the payment of college athletes, and if it should happen or not, is a hot topic. College athletes are looking for compensation from his or her college or university, for the revenue him or her make for the school. I believe that college athletes …show more content…
Nemeth, is a perfect reason why college athletes should be allowed to form unions. Nemeth was a football player at the University of Denver, where during one practice he injured his back. Because of his back injury, Nemeth was not able to perform his work study by the school because of this, which would mean that Nemeth would have no way to make money. The university at first argued with Nemeth, stating that to allow Nemeth workers compensation would be against public policy because he was on scholarship, but after going to court within the school, Nemeth was viewed as an employee and therefore was entitled to workers compensation because of his injury even though he hurt it during football and not on the job. By the University of Denver viewing Nemeth as an employee, the school is recognizing that athletes are employees of the school. This opens the door for many, because now athletes can use this as a prime example of how and why athletes should be allowed to form unions within the school. There is lots of criticism around the idea of forming unions because many officials believe that allowing athletes to form unions will give them too much power. Athletes are not looking to drastically change athletics or demand outrageous requests, but athletes should have more control not just in athletics but also their college experience in

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