What Are The Pros And Cons Of The NFL System

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The 2012 NFL season is over, and fans are left with little to do, except follow player cuts while awaiting free agency and the rookie draft. While flipping through the latest news, I came across the following headlines: o Titans looking to add zone-read elements to offense o Quarterback mobility takes on greater focus at Scouting Combine
The basis of these reports is that an influx of young quarterbacks has entered the NFL over the last two years with new skill sets from those of the past. These players are QB / RB hybrids with decent but not exceptional passing skills. Teams such as Carolina, Seattle, Washington, etc have been modifying their offense to best utilize the players skills, namely by implementing the zone read option offense.
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o A poor offense when playing from behind and trying to score quickly.

These strengths and weakness apply to most run option offenses, but it is important to keep in mind that a there have been a great variety of such systems throughout football history. A brief overview of the pros and cons of specific systems is listed below.

o Includes triple or even quadruple options.

Weaknesses: o Compact formations do not spread the field horizontally. o Passing is extremely limited (the field is not spread vertically).

o Includes triple option. o Improved passing potential, including tailback passes. Weaknesses: o Passing is still somewhat limited. o The QB is trained to force the contain defender to choose between the pitch man and the QB. This is affected by running upright at the defender, and thus subjects the QB to especially hard hits.

While these offenses have much to offer in the ways of strengths, especially for an underdog team, it is easy to see why they are unpopular in the NFL. An NFL team will not run an offense that does not allow the threat of the pass, and will not subject their QB to crushing hits. This explains why the modern NFL option plays are either run / pass options, or passing play options. A brief overview of the pros and cons of specific systems is listed

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