What Are The Pros And Cons Of Year Round School

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Tristan Creighton
Mr. Boyle
Year Round Schools Get A Big Thumbs Down How would you like to lose two thirds of your summer? If you were in a year round school you would lose two months of your summer vacation. There are many cons to years round schools like cost and scheduling. In this article, you will learn some of these many negative to year round schools. A traditional school starts in September and ends in June and more than likely you went to a traditional school when you were a kid. A year round school starts in August and has six to nine weeks in school. Then they get a two to four weeks break. Kids in year round schools get a summer break but it's only one month long. One reason that I am against year round schools is it would cost a lot more money than a traditional school. One example of this is in the summer months of school, the school would have to pay for the AC unit to run. If the school didn't have an AC, then they would have to pay for the unit to be put in which can cost up to 25 million dollars in an average school. Another money problem that the school can face is repairs to the building. In a traditional school, they have three months to make repairs to the building, but in a year round school, they have to pay for more workers to finish what they need them to do in one month.
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For example, if you have two kids and only one goes to a year round school that means that scheduling a vacation for the family would be hard because they have different breaks at different times. Another scheduling problem in for the school to play sports because if only a few districts didn't go year round, then the seasons would be thrown off. All year round schools are is stress on the parents,students,and the teachers. Year round schools would just cost to much and create a scheduling errors. This is why I am personally against year round

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