Disadvantages Of Fracking

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Hydraulic fracturing is a process which releases natural gas from shale and brings it to the worlds surface. It requires injecting more than a million gallons of chemicals such as lead, uranium, methanol, and mercury. Fracking also needs sand and water. The amount of water that is used is one to eight million gallons per job. It takes 400 tanker trucks to carry water too and from the sites. The chemicals, sand, and water are then put down a horizontally drilled well at a high pressure. The pressure from this mixture is then forced down the well and causes the rock layer to crack. The natural gases are then released and flow up to the surface. The gases that are produced from shale, coal beds, and sands help produce oil and gas that are useful.

Canada has been using hydraulic fracturing for years now. In Canada there are over 175,000 wells that use this method for oil and gas by the geologic formations. Canada has had a huge success rate when it comes to hydraulic fracturing. Canada is the third largest users for
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The sites are known to cause cancer, and harm the nervous system respiratory system and immune system because of the pollution. During the shale gas production it may also cause the community to be disturbed. Fracking also causes harm to the ecosystem. The reason fracking is harmful is becauce only thirty to fourty percent of the fracking mix with the chemicals sand and water is recovered. The rest is stcuk in the gorund. The last disavantage is, by drilling in some locations it may cause a fault line to reactivate. This can then make and earthquake occur.
Although, there may be many disadvantages, there are also many good reasons why the United states should use hydraulic fracturing. Some of these advantages are the United States could become the top fossil fuel producer, fracking could stable fuel prices, and the united states can tilt the trading into our

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