Sleeping Habits Among College Students

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Today’s generation biggest problem is that they’re sleep deprived. Today teens and young adults are doing more than they were ten years ago. They’re sports, extra curricular activities, part time jobs, etc. Students aren’t sleeping as much as they were due to the demand of school and everyday life. They’re more tired, and they’re grades, attendance, and health are suffering. This is a problem that needs to be solved. Based off the research I’ve seen the early school time affects students circadian rhythm, it increases stress, and obesity. Dr. Julie Boergers, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior,states that young adults are suppose to get around 8-9.5 hours of sleep, but only 14% achieve this goal, and approximately 70% …show more content…
In the article “Class Start Times, Sleep, and Academic Performance”, it’s states that college students with an evening preference find it particularly challenging to perform well in morning scheduled. (319) Just like high schoolers, college students feel tired throughout the day. The difference with college students to high schoolers is that college students have an easier access to alcohol, caffeine, tobacco and illegal substances. Colleges students are also more prone to experience depression, anxiety, and stress. College students are also able to pick a schedule that matches their classes and the times they want. Unlike high school, they can easily avoid sleep deprivation, but it’s harder due to college being more work than in high school. College students have more freedom to do what they want and choose what they want to do. There’s more parties happening in college, and more things that require time than in college, and also some college students work to help pay for …show more content…
This would allow students to get the amount of sleep they need to fully function. They will also be less sleep deprived and they 'll be more active. In the article Benefits of Later SChool Start Times, it states that getting enough sleep increases students learning, memory, motivation, and academic performance. (Boergers) In order get this approved, the school board in each individual district would have to agree to the school change time. If a majority agree, the state would have to look at the recommendation sent in by the schools and judge the pro and cons. It would then be sent it to Congress and has to also be approved there before seeing if it can nation wide change. Other states would also have to send the recommendation as well instead of one state. I believe this would benefit students to the fullest extent and improve the next future generation. High schoolers are the next one to go to college and become the nation 's next generation. If they’re constantly tired, they can’t achieve the grades they need to be the change. Even college students are the future and they set the example for high schoolers to

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