What Are The Problems Of Inequality In Education

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Existing Inequality in Schools
The educational community is seeking for solutions to improve education today. The topic that will be addressed in this essay is the form of “segregation” that still exist in today 's school system. It may not be a physical form of segregation between colored and white that appears in our past history but it is a form of less education and opportunity provided to the “minority” (Black & Hispanic) students. Still existing segregation is a problem that in fixing may increase graduation rates and overall grades. This essay will include quotes from other advocates (writers) that support fixing the existing segregation in the school system.
The first writer is Jonathan Kozol, who writes an article called “From still
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The “achievement gap” is a performance gap of group of students, separated by their wealth status. She writes about all of the improvements of the “grades have been remarkable for whites, Blacks, Hispanics, and asians”. Though there has been an improvement in these test the “achievement gaps remain between white and Black students and between white and Hispanic students”. This shows that the academic world may be improving but still remaining behind for the “minority” groups. This does not show equal “distribution” academically and in all aspects. “If teachers were required by law to have high expectations for all students, the theory went, then all students would learn and meet high standards”, and obviously improvement is required because all students are not equal in this case. Students should be obtaining similar test scores if equality is being encouraged throughout public schools. The question would be what kind of change would be required to make such a movement. Does the school system have to change the teacher? The school system needs to go deeper into the lives and the background of their students to improve the “achievement gap” because it 's not just the teachers or the teaching lessons its the places they come from. The socioeconomic background, the household background. Schools should think about offering help to the communities that …show more content…
The school system in which these parents would be more satisfied enrolling their children in will definitely not be easy. The process would have to start with creating more conventions for teachers, principals, school advisers etc. to learn about the ways of improving education. Next would be to get the “government” and others to financially support this change. Lastly applying all new ways to disadvantaged

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