Pros And Cons Of Child Beauty Pageants

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Paulina Parzygnat
Prof. Schering
April 6th 2015

Child Beauty Pageants

In today’s society the expectations of appearance are inclining at an incredibly rapid speed. Everyone has a different view of beauty, but people still feel the need and the stress of not fitting into that perfect beauty image that is brought down upon them. To try to feel beautiful people feel that they need to change the way they look and alter their beauty entirely with different tools designed to transform ones look, such as fake eyelashes, hair extensions, artificial tanning, etc. The desire and need for perfection has taken over the minds of not just adults but of toddlers and young children who don’t even understand why. For the toddlers and young children that are contestants in beauty pageants they view beauty
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The winner of these pageants is the one who gathers up the most points in each of the given categories such as most photogenic, best talent, best hair, best dressed, best personality, etc. For some children, nothing gets them more excited than getting all glammed out and getting up on stage, but for others it is something they don’t even get a say in because they are too young to be aware if they actually like pageants or not. In my paper I will be discussing the positive and negative sides to child beauty pageants, and analyze child beauty pageants in today’s society.
To start off one need’s to know what a beauty pageant actually is; a beauty pageant is defined as “An assemblage of girls or women at whom judges select the most beautiful” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary, online). In the pageants the young children (male or female) are judged on different criteria that helps crown the winner. Some of the criteria that the judges look for in the boys or girls are there stage presence, use of theme, personality, beauty, poise and grace, and overall

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