What Are The Plots In James Michener's Tales Of The South Pacific

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1.Director Joshua Logan was given a book which had a collection of short stories by James Michener’s, called Tales of the South Pacific. With the book that Logan was given, he hoped that it would be a good source of background research for their up and coming show called South Pacific. Hammerstein had a very hard time at first with coming up with musical- comedic material, so instead he mashed together two serious romantic plots for their show. One of the plots involved a middle aged French planter who had a nascent romance with a young Navy nurse from the American South. The second of the plots was about a WASPy lieutenant who fell in love with a Tonkinese girl. The thing that was so special about both of these stories is that not only were they just about romance, but also a major part of it was about the prejudice that attempts to destroy each others happiness. South Pacific broke a lot of new ground in terms of possible content for possible musicals. South Pacific was able to show people around the world that bigotry is not okay. South Pacific paved the way for other musicals in the future, because they were able to talk about a topic that was not well appreciated by others in the country, in hopes to show others about the issues.

2. Rodgers and Hammerstein
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Runyon, immortalized the sad, driven, ambitious and in some cases the Criminals of New York. Runyon was able to show the world a glimpse of the secret world of gamblers, gangsters and their girls. The creators of the musical Guys and Dolls were faced with a serious question which was how to make unsavory characters into acceptable musical- comedy characters. The producers found the perfect solution, choreographer Michael Kidd created a 15-minute street ballet which was full of con men and racetrack touts. Frank Loesser worked his magic with words and music. Loesser used real language of real people at that’s what made it

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