What Are The Limitations In Song Yet Sung Essay

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Often there is a time where an individual may feel incapable of achieving certain goals. It is not because they do not have the ability to achieve such goals, but on the moral grounds that their abilities will no longer be at the forefront of society vision. As society tends to focus on the color of an individual skin and their gender rather than the abilities there is able to bring to the table. The feeling of incapability that these individuals face where they will be judged on race and gender and not their abilities are referred to as limitation. Vocabulary.com defines limitations as something that holds you back, like a broken leg that keeps you off the dance floor during prom season. (Vocaulary.com Limitations) Limitation is anything that …show more content…
In the novel Song Yet Sung by McBride’s has suggested that once limitation is placed on an individual, such as race and gender, Individuals then face hindrance to the privileges and access to the American dream. McBride’s idea of limitation is prominent during the time of slavery for African Americans, as these same limitations are present during the twenty first century.
The power of limitations that African Americans Women faced during the time of slavery hindered their ability to gain freedom, as freedom for slaves was the ultimate American Dream. James McBride exemplifies this in the novel Song Yet Sung as the first characters that we meet is Liz who happens to be African American Women. When McBride first introduced Liz to the audience, she is running away from her master as she is chasing the American dream know as freedom. Liz is unable to have the privilege of freedom due limitation, that she is one a female and second African American not to mention that she was in fact a slave because of these same limitations. African Americans during the time of slavery would never have the privilege of freedom unless they took dramatic matters such as running away to the north, the unknown in the hope of gaining freedom where the
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Freedom from these limitations also includes the ability for an individual to be recognized as more than a stereotype. Within today’s generation the limitations such as race and gender are still concrete, nevertheless the limitations is more definite and stern. African American women are fighting these stereotypes as they are taking on roles that were not sought after during the time of slavery. Education by way of demonstration was not permitted to African American moreover considering that individual to be an African American woman, when society as a whole in the past where women were expected to run the household. When African American women took the initiative to step up and take on roles within today 's generation that was not in the ordinary, the limitation of race and gender established from slavery time impacted them tremendously. As African American Women takes on roles such as Lawyers, Doctors, Judges, Senate, first lady of the white house, they have actually worked harder than those of a different skin tone of them. Some of the positions listed are positions that African American had to fight for, not because they didn’t have the education, but just because of the color of their skin and their gender where society would rather see a Caucasian male leading in those positions listed.

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