What Are The Legal Bases For These Murders? Why Do People Believe That Honor Killings?

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Just a few months ago, I heard about a brutal death of a former celebrity known by her stage name, Qandeel Baloch. She was a Pakistani actress and singer who was a bit above the norm and was considered a vulgar woman in her country. She did not dress the way her society liked, she made dance and music videos, and was very outspoken. Because of this, many believed she was “dishonoring” her family. She was not allowed to live and so her own brother murdered her through asphyxiation. Unfortunately, this type of crime is not common in just Pakistan. Thousands of honor killings occur every year, all over the world, and sometimes there’s little to no media coverage. They’re on the rise, with estimates of up to a 1,400 percent increase in some countries (Kiener 3). What is even more surprising is that people consider these killings “honorable” or justifiable. This leads me to question, what are the legal bases for these murders? Why do people believe that honor killings are necessary? What have women done to deserve these crimes or have they done nothing at all? This issue is of concern and it’s important to gain a deeper understanding before I, or anyone else, make any preconceived judgements. Karo-kari is a form of honor killing in Pakistan. Karo means “bad man” and kari means “bad girl”. The primary cause of deaths is due to women having illicit relationships with men. These relationships can be sexual or non-sexual. Whatever the type, women still pay a price for these…

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