What Are The Key Issues For The Parishioner (S)?

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Single female Christian, slightly obese, age 22, with poor self-image. In this case, it does not matter if she was slightly obese, it still called obesity. The obesity is usually defined as a condition in which a person’s weight is more above normal weight. Obesity is the most common medical problems. It affects every person regardless of age categories. Obesity had several risk factor can leading someone to death but still obese can be preventable. We need to be successful in its treatment and control of obesity. However, I believe that the numbers of detection and counseling obese person at physicians’ level it remain low. Therefore, there is big gap exists between the need to provide obesity and the actual provision of it is care.
1. What are the key issues for the parishioner(s)?
I think the parishioner key issues are a
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Paul listed for the Corinthian church, and it reminds me of people in our culture were doing today. Those who do not control negative conversation about others there were slanderers. Paul said, “And that is what some of you were” (1 Corinthians 6:11, NIV). When these people came to Christ, He not only saved them, but they were delivered from the sins that bound them. They came out of a world controlled by the devil and became a part of a healthy community. In spite of the Corinthian 's problems, it was still a church body full of Spirit-filled people who ministered to one another. There are many people in our communities turn to a pastor when they have a crisis or counseling need. Pastoral counseling is best done by a pastor, but not a professional counselor or psychotherapist. Good professional biblical counselors certainly play an important role when the complexities of mental illness are involved, but they are allies of the pastor, not substitutes for him. There are several advantages pastors have in

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