Essay on What Are The Key Elements Of Lululemon 's Strategy?

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ululemon athletica Inc.

Jenna Beyer, Leon Faifman, Eric Ho, Miso Kezunovic, and Lance Olian
Texas A&M University

Please read this case on lululemon athletica Inc. and write answers to the following questions in a word document of up to 4 pages 12-point single space and submit it onto Canvas.

Case Questions

1. What are the key elements of lululemon’s strategy?

• Supply-chain activities: Creating value through its grassroots marketing, superior service, and communication with customers. This strategy keeps the already sought-after clothing at a demand level that exceeds supply. rarely has leftover inventories, which serves as an advantage in the ever-changing retail industry. When new lines are released to the public, excitement is generated, and these lines typically sell out before their anticipated expiration date.
• Maintaining value and reputation: They make sure to listen to customers wants and needs. They anticipate and adjust to customer preferences and changing needs, by providing an active and comfortable communication relationship with its customers.
• Employee development: each employee is expected to reflect the company’s mission and vision. a lot of money and effort is put into training store employees. Employees don’t exist just to fold clothes or set up displays. They share their knowledge of the clothing and culture with every guest that walks through the door. They have the ability to explain functions of the clothing you would not necessarily…

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