What Are The Influence Of Staff Nurse Perception Of Leadership Style On Satisfaction With Leadership?

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Andrews, D. R., Richard, D. C., Robinson, P., Celano, P., & Hallaron, J. (2012). The influence of staff nurse perception of leadership style on satisfaction with leadership: A cross-sectional survey of pediatric nurses. International Journal Of Nursing Studies, 49(9), 1103-1111. doi:10.1016/j.ijnurstu.2012.03.007 Andrews, Richard, Robinson, Celano, and Hallaron discuss the different leadership styles that leaders have and how they relate to satisfaction of the nursing staff. This information is backed by previous studies. Andrews, Richard, Robinson, Celano, and Hallaron’s study focuses on the satisfaction that staffs have with different leadership styles, such as transformational and Laisse-faire. Diane Randall Andrews, PhD, RN, and corresponding …show more content…
The study was a cross-sectional survey that collected information from five hospitals in Ghana on satisfaction based on the leadership style used in their department. The information is backed by evidence from previous studies. James Avoka Asamani, Florence Naab, and Adelaide Maria Ansah Ofei are all Human Resources Directorates at the Ghana Health Service in Accra, Ghana. This study is also a peer reviewed research article published by the Journal of Health Sciences; therefore, this is a sound source. Asamani, Naab, and Ofei do not display any bias in the study. Through results of the study, Asamani, Naab, and Ofei reveal that participative (democratic) leadership displayed a positive but moderate level of job satisfaction. This source is applicable and valuable to my research, as it reinforces the use of democratic leadership being a positive leadership style in the workplace.
Bormann, L., & Abrahamson, K. (2014). Do staff nurse perceptions of nurse leadership behaviors influence staff nurse job satisfaction? The case of a hospital applying for Magnet® Designation. Journal Of Nursing Administration, 44(4), 219-225.
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They display leadership as not being required but being an important aspect in nursing and caring for patients and that learning leadership skill and the types of leadership early on can be beneficial. Vanessa Ribeiro Neves, the corresponding author, and Maria Cristina Sanna both play a role at the Paulista School of Nursing in Group of Studies and Research in Health Services Administration and Nursing Management in São Paulo, Brazil. The study is peer reviewed and displays no observable bias; therefore, the source is sound. This study is applicable and valuable to my research as it shares the importance of being a leader and developing leadership skills early on. They discuss that leadership skills and experience can increase the possibilities and the success for

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