What Are The Importance Of Registered Nurses

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When you think of the medical field most people’s minds automatically go to “Doctors”. However the majority of the medical field consists of the underdogs, like nurses and nursing assistants. Nurses particularly take on the great load of important work that doctors do not have the time to do. As well as nursing assistants take on lots of work that the nurse does not have time for. The evaluation will focus primarily on Registered Nursing and the entire process that comes along with the profession. Registered Nurses, commonly referred to as RN’s, are determined to the success of the medical field. Registered Nurses are responsible for many outcomes of the care and well being of patients you would be thoroughly surprised.
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These skills include being able to communicate, compassion, emotional stability, organizational skills, physical stamina, and quick thinking. Emergencies will happen and registered nurses need to be able to assess and act in a split seccond. These attributes are the core of everything a RN needs to be and without them there would be no compatible nurses. Once a licensed nurses the possibilities are endless and you are open to all branches of the medical field. When entering the medical; field you are almost always guaranteed a job. There is such a need for people with medical certifications and education in today’s society. In ten years registered nurse job opportunities are projected to grow 16%, which is huge compared to regular job growth. This is happening because the “baby Boomers” are getting older and are need for more medical help. The population is continuing to grow and people who were not eligible for cheaper health care are becoming eligible. The medical field is expanding to cater to all tastes and personal choices. In 2014 there were 2,771,000 employed registered nurses in the United States. In 2024 there is projected 3,190,300 registered nurses to be employed. Many want to be registered nurses because they make bank. The median salary for registered nurses is 66,640 That is about $27.00 an

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