What Are The Importance Of International Education

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Education is a vital and important step to creating progressive minds of the future, and differs in quality and content geographically. There are various grades of education levels within a country, and the concept of governmental regulated curricula in educational institutions is a topic of controversy.

The premise that education should be regulated by authoritative bodies can be unfounded in many ways. The strongest and most advocated for cause is the presence of immigrants and foreigners in every country in the 21st century. Indonesia, for example has a high percentage of Dutch, Indian and Chinese nationals among its populace. The country splits it 's educational system into different levels of prestige, with local schools marking the lowest, progressing to national schools, and then at the apex of the hierarchy are international school. Parents from other countries tend to raise their children with the belief and expectation of pursuing a further education, i.e, college, abroad. With this in mind, the most suitable option of education is thus international schools.

International schools employ teachers from a multitude of nationalities and backgrounds, and offer programs that have been devised as a standard
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This can provide an equal footing and eliminate any need for diagnostics when students apply for locally provided jobs, and can determine the standing of education in a country more effectively. The availability of a central national curriculum can work beneficially to universities, as it would be far easier to determine a child 's level of educational proficiency just from the country of education, and the added measures taken by the child to ensure maximum academic

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