What Are The Importance Of Hunting

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Hunting is often portrayed purely as a form of sport or the quest for a big trophy. But what most people do not acknowledge is that it does much more for the human population in general. Hunting provides us with the resources that allow us to live comfortably. Not only does it do this, but it provides health to our environment as well as our economy. Hunting large game plays a vital role in the protection of our people, our resources, and the animals themselves. To begin, the killing of large animals provides humans with an array of different products that we use in our everyday life. The remains and left over portions from an animal can be sent to rendering plants where they are turned into substances that produce shellac, plastics, adhesives, …show more content…
It requires energy, agility, and strength to take up this hobby. For example, large animals tend to live in more isolated locations and less hospitable climates. Most of the time, motorized vehicles cannot reach these places. This forces the hunter to hike to their point of destination. By doing this, you are providing your body with physical exercise. Once an animal is harvested, the carcass needs to be drug all the way back, which requires heaps of energy and exertion as well. On top of this, hunting stands need to be checked regularly, hunting locations need scouted before the hunt even occurs, and weapons need to be prepared before their use as well, offering even more exercise to the human …show more content…
Lodges and camps are built specifically for big game hunters, employing cooks, waitresses, clerks, housekeepers, and grounds maintenance workers. Businesses are created to produce artillery, firearms, bows, clothing, blinds, stands, calls, arrows, and much more for the sport of hunting.
Regardless of all the benefits hunting creates factually, to many it is a form of sport or recreation. The ones engaging in this sport, enjoy being with and experiencing the raw form of nature. They hold a feeling of pride since they help contribute to the circle of life, and they have extreme respect for the animal. Hunting, for most, provides a bonding experience with nature, family, and friends that no other hobby can.
Hunting goes way back, thousands upon thousands of years ago, when man had to kill animals in order to survive. As the world progressed, killing wild animals was no longer a necessity to survival, but because of our ancestors, a tradition was created that will live on

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