What Are The Impact Of Living In The Rented House For Urban Household Case Study

1.3. Research questions

What are the impacts of living in the rented houses for urban household’s, reflection of the research areas? How does house rent fee affect the welfare of urban households? What are the implication (comparative analysis) of living in the rented houses and owned houses on urban households’ welfare? What remedies could be applied to address the housing problems?
1.4. Research objectives
1.4.1. Main Objective
The main objective of this study is to evaluate the impact, on household welfare, of living in a rented house; so as to contribute to the understanding on the Household welfare Impact of rented House on Urban Households: A case of Woreda 08, yeka sub-city, Addis Ababa.
1.4.2. Specific Objectives
The research
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The independent variables are Age of household head, Gender of household head, marital status, Family size, educational level, household Income, household expenditure and Rent fee. The dependent variable is the household welfare. It is, however, worthy to state here that, the statements of hypotheses were used alongside research questions because the hypotheses are built in the last research question. Both the research questions and hypotheses can be used if the hypotheses are built on the research questions (Creswell, 2014). This study tried to test the following hypotheses using empirical data and the appropriate analytical …show more content…
The researcher selects this sub-city and woreda which have a distribution of both types of households under the study by considering the homogeneity of the problems of urban households in Addis Ababa, and by supposing the selected sub-city and woreda is representative enough to infer about household welfare impact of a rented house in the city. It is known that different factors may influence the urban households. However, this paper has delimited only on living in rented houses

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