What Are The Goals Of The Social Media Campaign?

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What are the goals of your campaign?
The goals of the social media campaign are to meet the demand of the social media objectives. We have several social media objectives to achieve.
First, we need to listen and learn. Monitor what is being said about the brand and competitors. Use online approaches and do research to implement the best social media practices. For our product, ford F150 we need to know what is being said about it and what the competitors is said like Toyota or Lincoln.
Second, we need to build relationship and awareness, open dialogues with stakeholders by giving them compelling content across a variety of media. Engaging in the conversation, and answer customer’s questions candidly. For this, we need to have some good advertisements to let most of customer know there is such a car and attract their attention.
Third, we should promote products and service. From the textbook we know that the clearest path to increasing the bottom line using social media is to get customers talking about products and service, which ultimately translates into sales.
Fourth, manage your reputation, you need to develop and improve the brands reputation by responding to comments and criticism that appear on blogs and network. In addition, companies can position themselves as useful and benevolent by joining in other forums and
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The media sharing sites allow users to upload and distribute multimedia content like videos and photos. From the textbook, we know that nowadays organizations can tell compelling brand story through videos, photos, and audio. We choose that channel because of our customer segment. Our product is Ford F150, the F150 is multi-task pickup, it usually be used for family activities. The main customers are parents around 35-55 years old. For this kind of customer, they don’t spend their time on blogs such as Facebook or twitter. So, we choose the media sharing sites as our main media

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