Essay about What Are The Four Core Qualities Of Great Managers?

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3 Different personalities suit different roles

Leadership can be linked to the position of management; a manager can be a leader. Therefore, there are skills and qualities required for both management and leadership, which overlap. But the two also have distinct qualities that, while also enhancing their ability to do the other role, are more suited for either position. By examining these qualities, you can also see the differences of management and leadership through real examples.

The requirements of managers

Since management is task-oriented, managers need to be able to focus on details. The four core qualities of great managers are:

• Rational – A good manager is able to look at things rationally and apply logical thinking when it comes to solving problems and setting goals. Since the objective is to focus on effective accomplishment of goals, the manager has to understand the realities he or she is facing. Rational thinking is essential for allocating the resources and setting the objectives for the team.
• Analytical – Ability to analyse details and find the connections between processes can boost the way a manager operates. Analytical thinking can help identify objectives and the proper use of resources.
• Ability to solve problems – A manager must also be good at solving problems. If the team encounters a problem, the management must be at the core of finding the solution. This requires a cool head, an intelligent mind and quick thinking.
• Perseverance – The…

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