What Are The Five Stages Of The Health Policy Process

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The legislative branch of the federal government has the difficult task of creating and implementing laws in health policy, among others. Stakeholders of health policy can be a vital source of information to Congress in the creation and implementation of health policy laws. Congress should gather information from key stakeholders prior to passing health policy laws in order to assess stakeholder conflict and ensure solutions are provided to these conflicts within health policy.
Novick & Mays (2008) explain three primary functions of the United States Constitution, which are federalism, separation of powers, and protection of individual liberties. Federalism is allocating power among the federal government and the states, separation of powers
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The five stages of policy process are policy formulation and legitimation, constituency building, resource mobilization, implementation design and organizational structuring, and progress/impact monitoring. During the policy formulation and legitimation state, the technical content of the policy must be formulated and the policy must be legitimate. In order to move the health policy forward during the constituency building stage it is important to generate active support from those that see the changes as beneficial and desirable and to reduce or deflect opposition from those that view the changes as undesirable or harmful. The resource mobilization stage requires motivating constituencies to lobby for resources, creating performance incentives to use existing resources efficiently or develop new resources, and achieving and publicizing successes along the way. The implementation design and organizational structuring stage requires designing new implementation arrangements or structures or modifying existing one to ensure they function effectively, engaging a wide range of implementation partners to create and nurture partnerships that can function effectively, and helping individuals manage transitions in the changing environment. Finally, during the progress/impact monitoring

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