What Are The Five Practices Of Exemplary Leaders Essay

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Undergraduate Program Assessment Questions

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Please answer the following questions in two to three sentences.

1. Define the term leadership.

The term leadership means empowerment, motivation and inspiration.

2. Explain how leadership is a process.

Leadership is a process, it takes time for one person to have some type of an effect over a group that is willing to not only complete a goal, but to succeed by any means.

3. Explain the relationship between leadership and management.

The relationship between leadership and management could be described as a close bond because in order for an individual to manage something or someone they would need to acquire leadership skills.

4. What are the Five Practices of Exemplary Leaders?

The Five Practices of Exemplary Leaders are model the way, inspire a shared vison, challenge the process, enable others to act and encourage the heart.

5. How can you best utilize assessment tools to develop your leadership style? Please frame in terms of valid assessments.

The best way to utilize assessment tools is to take a few, look over the scores that are given, recognize your strengths and weakness than study ways to develop stronger or better leadership styles.

Your Leadership Style assessment is one of the best assessments to take because it provides you with six different scores which are connected to six different characteristics. This…

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