The Pros And Cons Of Smoking Affects Everyone

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The Goods and The Bads

Smoking Affects Everyone
By Marley M. Kryder

Keeping Your Body Fit
By Marley M. Kryder

Teens And Technology
By Marley M. Kryder

Smoking Affects Everyone Six million people die every year because of tobacco. That means six million people can avoid death every year. About 15 billion cigarettes are sold daily, that 's about 10 million per minute. Smoking is harmful to most living organisms and that’s why smoking affects everyone, the environment, and the economy.

Environment Smoke and cigarette butts affect the environment the most, resulting into air, water and land pollution. The toxic chemicals in cigarette butts are a threat to our aquatic ecosystems. In 2010, over one million cigarettes were removed from California beaches and inland waterways as part of the annual International Coastal Cleanup. In
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