What Are The Effects Of Police Brutality

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Most countries have police forces, ensuring laws keeping the public peace. In a democratic system of government, the police role is to keep public order without violating a citizen’s civil or human rights. Citizens should never have a reason to doubt the police force, because of respect for the badge and the officer. When a person of color sees the police the response assumed to be one of admiration and respect not fear. This not necessarily the case. Even in a democratic country the police do not always uphold civil liberties and do violate human rights.
Throughout much of U.S. History, the police have been creating fearful environments in many cities when they should be making people feel safe. People of color appear to be the main targets
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They often shoot first and ask questions later. Should police brutality occur the “blue wall” of silences protects the police. This unwritten code can cause police officers not to report on another officer’s error, misconduct, and or crime when questioned about an incident involving another colleague during a course of an inquiry. This is most relevant in the African-American community where recent tragedies involving police officers killing, beating, and assaulting an unarmed African-Americans. These actions have attracted a great deal of public attention – both to the events themselves and to what many perceive as an epidemic of police brutality. It seems to have swept over the United States, and appears that police brutality is aimed primarily at people of color. Portions of the population may perceive the police to be oppressors. In addition, there is a perception that victims of police brutality often belong to powerless groups, such as minorities, the disabled, the young, and the poor. For example, a white youth Dyland Roof in 2015, entered a black church pulled out a weapon, and killed several parishioners. The police arrested this individual. However, an unarmed African-American male Philando Castile, in 2014, obeying the officer was shot and killed while sitting in his car. He committed no crime, except for the perception by the officer that the man committed the crime of …show more content…
First, the trigger- happy police killed a twelve-year-old African-American boy Tamir Rice in 2014, while he was holding a water gun. An African-American woman, Sandra Bland in 2015, hanged herself in her cell. She was arrested and assaulted by the police for a speeding ticket. Another African-American male Michael Brown in 2014, he was shot dead, and left for hours on the street. His crime: simple larceny. Police attacked and killed Eric Gardner an African-American in 2014. The police used illegal force; although Mr. Gardner complained twelve times that he could not breathe. His crime, selling single cigarettes on the street a misdemeanor. Per statistics, police killed blacks more than whites; their rates of incarceration are also disproportionately high. Despite making up only twelve percent of the U.S.A. total population, Blacks account for forty percent of those incarcerated. (Huffington Post). Even, if blacks beaten or killed by the police, they outnumber whites in

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