What Are The Effects Of Media Violence In The Media?

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Every year, millions of Americans gather around their televisions for the Super Bowl, whether for the game or the commercials people are enthusiastic. The commercials consume as much of the conversation as the game the next day. These commercials are the company’s latest attempt to entice us with their advertisements. With the concern that advertisements are becoming increasingly violent, in what manner, do they affect the younger generations, yet how creative do the ads need to be for us not to notice the violence. If you have access to any form of media, then you have most likely been exposed to, the violence in advertising, television, video games and the internet. Companies will invest millions or even billions of dollars in creating and …show more content…
Many times the media industry insist they are just providing entertainment and the implied violence has no effect on the viewers or individuals. In today’s society the growing concern about violence is everywhere. The increase in bullying and other forms of violence in schools, domestic violence involving products such as guns and knives are in the news nightly. The violent content in video games continues to grow also along with the incidents in sports or involving sports figures. The continuous exposure to all the violent content adds to concern as well as the increased aggression in the children and young adults. Brocato mentions that “although personality traits are influence by many factors such as genetics and parental influence,…youth who currently have aggressive personality traits are more prone to consume media violence than those having less- pronounced aggressive traits..” (96). The more violent acts they are exposed to the greater the risk of becoming an aggressive …show more content…
According to Jones, “over 60% of the programming aired in the United States contained violence.” (12). Saturday morning programming contains commercials or ads that are more violent than the programs themselves. Although parents and children alike do not always consider the programing to be violent unless it contains blood. As in Jones remark that “even though a television scene might depict people getting shoved, pushed, thrown to the ground, or even shot,…did not view it as a violent episode unless there was blood.” (99). Parents are not always concerned with the violent acts in animated shows, cartoons, or even commercials because unless they are graphic having blood they feel their children know the difference between them and reality.
Regardless of, whether or not children are influenced and susceptible to all the negative media influences the constant bombardment of violence desensitizes them. They eventually do not think of the actions as violent anymore, which could lead to aggressive behaviors. In fact, most people would be surprised to learn that at some point they have been desensitized to some form of violence but have never realized

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