What Are The Effects Of Gambling Addictions In New Zealand Society

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An addiction can be defined as something that the individual is unable to control and generally however, it diffentiates from a habit when it becomes harmful due to damaging psychological and/or physical effects (Medical News Today, n.d.). Individuals can become addicted to various different things, however the purpose of this essay is to look specifically at alcohol, drug use and gambling addictions within New Zealand society.

One in every five people in New Zealand above the age of 15 is believed to have a potentially hazardous drinking pattern (Ministry of Health, 2013). Studies also go on to show that 10% of New Zealanders have an addiction to alcohol (MIMS, n.d.). There are many social effects of alcohol addiction on New Zealand
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More alarming statistics surrounding New Zealand crime rates and alcohol addiction is that alcohol plays a part in one out of every five car crashes (New Zealand Police, 2010) and at least one in every five cases of reported sexual offending (New Zealand Police, …show more content…
In 2008, a study showed that 1.3% of offenders admitted to committing illegal activities did so due to gambling (PGFONZ, 2011). Along with this, one out of ten addicted gamblers have admitted to being involved in domestic or other violent incidents related to gambling (PGFONZ, 2011). Another alarming crime impact on New Zealand is that a 2008 study showed that gambling addiction had become the second largest motivator of fraud within New Zealand and the average amount being taken was $81,702 (PGFONZ, 2011). Another major aspect that is affected by gambling addictions is the social and family aspect. Children that have parents that have gambling problems are far more likely to become problem gamblers later in life (PGFONZ, 2011), along with this 40% partners of ppeople struggling with gambling are reported to have a significant stress-related illness (PGFONZ, 2011). Another social aspect is that one in six New Zealanders report that a family member has gone without something they needed or without paying a bill due to gambling (PGFONZ,

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