Personal Narrative: My Personal Interaction With Social Media

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My first personal interaction with social media was precisely in 2006, two years after what I could call the boom of Myspace. Compare to most of friends, it took me awhile before joining the circle because I didn’t think it was a useful tool for me until I took my first trip to France, where I started to miss my families and friends and I then create an account, just to communicate pricelessly with them. Back then, there were no prevalent features as video chat or voice and photos upload, as Facebook is doing nowadays. We were at least able to text message and the security awareness was not a huge concern yet. The usability of the internet nowadays is subject of worries and contradiction. From employers willing to know more about candidates, via an admission …show more content…
Giving a second chance has always been a fabulous option in addressing certain behavior. In the flip side of her narrative, Fleming claims and supports her thesis with some facts, such as students who were raped after dealing face to face with “friends met online, loss of internships, scholarships, employment opportunities, as result of messages and pictures posted online,” that lead me to conclude that social networking sites should be monitored and student with some bad behavior, and reputation, and display disorderly conduct online should be prosecuted.
As Fleming states, “the dangers of online social networking transcend disciplinary actions and reputational harm.” I also believe as she confirms “we are all expected to behave on campus, in public, and online in a manner consistent with the Universities Honor Code and Guiding

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