Cultural Differences In American Culture Essay

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Culture has a direct relationship with the attitude, belief system, education status, marriages and other practices of individual, families and the society. The different family has their own sets of rules, roles, beliefs, habits, and activities, which are learned and shared from generation to generation. Due to the diversity of population cultural hybridity has been increasing especially in America in which people share each others’ cultural beliefs and practices. The paper will describe regarding the cultural beliefs and practices of Hinduism and Buddhism and the reason for selecting this two culture are first author herself is a Hindu so one interviewee is the family member of an author and the another interviewee is neighbor which religion is Buddhism.

Summary of the responses from interviewee
According to the family member who belongs to Hindu religion, the family is the central focus of his
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Pregnancy and children are highly supported I the society because they believe that children are god gifts so they always support the pregnant mother. There are some food taboos among Hindu culture such as beef and buff are prohibited and all kinds of meats are prohibited in certain religious months (Family member).
Among Buddhist, religious education is most important , however, nobody in the family of the interviewee is involved in religious education. Older parents are illiterate while new generation has completed their associate 's degree. Verbal communication is more in practice than non- verbal communication. Pregnancy and childbirth is highly supported in the family and older parents take care of grandchildren. Nutritious food is most important during pregnancy and after delivery. Buddist believes in Ahimsa so all kinds of meat are prohibited among traditional Buddhist family while new generation eat all

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